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Democracia recobrada en Karabagh: una mirada a la liberación

May is a time of victories for all Armenians. For decades, the declaration of Independence and the creation of the contemporary state on May 28, 1918, are commemorated, the result of the epic battles of Sardarabad, Pashaparán, and Gharakilisé. The entire Armenian community, especially in the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (RNK), also celebrates with fervor on May 9, the day of the triple celebration: the Allied triumph in World War II, also achieved with the participation of Armenians; the glorious liberation from Azeri rule of the ancient Artsakh capital of Shushí and the baptism of fire of the RNK Army. Union with Armenia

Rebuilding Artsakh

The citizens of Nagorno Karabakh express their will by rebuilding the damage caused by the unrelenting barbarism of their powerful neighbor, who boasts of their military power without acknowledging why the human rights of their own citizens are not respected.

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Personal Stories from Shushí

Thanks to the Renaissance Fund of Shushí and the state resources of RNK, the Tatevos aqueduct was built in 2009, allowing clean water to enter the liberated city, and the FNA began designing household networks. According to estimates, Shushí has over 4,000 inhabitants, but the official census data for December 2015 will likely confirm the enthusiasm of its residents.

The Second City of Nagorno Karabakh

Visitors are amazed by the sounds of construction work, while citizens are pleased with the rhythm to surpass the glories of the 19th century. The Cathedral Avenue is characterized by intense traffic and traffic lights attempting to regulate the flow.

The Apovian School reopened in October 1992, just six months after liberation; 9th graders have not experienced war and learn Armenian history from books. They personally know the heroes, like Arkadi Ter-Tatevosian, who opens the way for Shushí’s recovery.

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Many graduates aspire to study in new fields while enjoying a school with new structures and central heating. This May, everyone is preparing for the big celebration on May 9, shortly after the election of new legislators who will participate in the upcoming sessions according to RNK’s Constitution.

This year, in Artsakh, the centenary of the Armenian Genocide was marked by the remarkable mobilization of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun, which organized a popular celebration on May 1 for Labor Day. Seven parties competed to collectively defend Karabakh security, as described by Hrant Markarian, a representative of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun Bureau.

This Saturday, May 9 in Shushí, throughout the Motherland, and in many Diaspora communities, the Triple Celebration will be celebrated, a date with inseparable significance for a safer and more prosperous future for all peoples.

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